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* The services is aimed to quick and 100% efficient staff recruitment.
* We find, assess and motivate the best-fitting candidates, no matter how moody they are.
* Staff Service consultants search through our data-base (more than 70 000 up-to-date CVs), promote the vacancy on job sites (, etc) and in the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). Also we use direct search and headhunting from competitor companies and look for candidates inside professional communities, on industry events, conferences and exhibitions.
* You choose from the candidates, who do not just meet the requirements but also are motivated to work in your company and fit into the corporate culture.
* We do follow-up on the new employees within the guaranteed probation period -
* If the employed candidate leaves the job during this period, Staff Service provides a replacement

How it works
1. You fill the questionnaire, describing the job
2. We create a search profile
3. You get a commercial offer
4. We sign a contract
5. We start the search. It usually takes 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the difficulty of position. During this time our consultants select, interview and assess the candidates, take references from former employers.
6. If needed, we provide a report of long-listed candidates and send you detailed CVs with recruiter's comments.
7. We provide 3-5 candidates' reports of short-listed specialists (CV + comments + references) who meet all the job requirements. You may now interview these selected people.
8. On request, consultants also deliver testing and assessment of short-listed candidates, prepared by a certified psychologist.
9. Client chooses the best candidate for the company.
10. Till the end of the candidate's probation period we offer a guarantee. If the employed candidate leaves the job, we provide a one-time replacement, again offering for free at least three candidates who meet all the requirements.

Staff Service recruiters have field specialization in:
  • top and middle management
  • sales, marketing, logistics
  • industry and manufacturing
  • banking & finance
  • IT
  • law
  • administrative staff

Наш клиент, компания которая занимается розничной продажей холодильного, технологического и торгового оборудования, открывает конкурс на вакансию HR-менеджер (е…

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