Staff Service offers a full range of outsourcing, outstaffing, recruiting and HR-consulting services for your business


We are providing advisory services on all staff matters including salary survey, workforce market overview and other HR analytics Staff Service will do its best to solve all the issues that may arise in your business activity. Main areas:
  • Recommendations on the labor legislation issues, contracts check up on correctness;
  • Documents development / drafting (employment / labor agreement, job descriptions, staffing table, regulations...);
  • Counseling on registration of personnel documents;
  • Legal analysis of local acts of the company.


Outstaffing services from Staff Service for putting employees out of the company staff, as well as a set of actions for keeping of staff functions. Outstaffing includes:
  • Official employment to the company - contractor, or employment under employees civil law contract of the Company-customer;
  • Calculation and payment of taxes and deductions;
  • Calculation and payment of salaries, sick and annual leaves allowances;
  • Preparation of reports and certificates, submission of reports to regulatory authorities.
Staff support includes:
  • Employment of the staff from the Client to Contactor Company with the registration of a labor/civil law contract;
  • Calculation and payment of taxes and deductions;
  • Calculation and payment of salaries;
  • Registration, calculation and payment of sick leaves allowances, compensations, business travel expences;
  • Submission of reports to regulatory authorities;
  • Management of employees’ compensation package;
  • Preparation of necessary accounting reports and certificates.
  • Reduction of costs for wages and salaries;
  • Transfer of legal responsibility;
  • Reduce HR workload.
Additionally we provide:
  • Medical insurance;
  • All necessary equipment (mobile telephony, cars);
  • Temporary staff in case of sick or annual leave of the staff.


Search and selection of the best employee for your company. Recruitment of different types of staff from a specialist to the company's top executives, from a wide range of specialists to unique professionals. We will find and motivate the specialist to move to your company. Our recruiting methods:
  • Our own database (more than 70 000 relevant and updated CVs);
  • Professional communities, specialized events, conferences;
  • Direct search and headhunting;
  • Finding the best candidates from other companies;
  • Professional (LinkedIn) and other social networks (Facebook).


Transfer of business processes and production functions, HR and accounting processes of your company to the service of Staff Service.

HR-outsourcing includes:
  • HR records management

    - Performing all the functions of the HR department by our specialists;

    - Management in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Legislation.

  • Accounting

    - Calculation of salaries;

    - Other payments and accruals, in accordance with the internal regulations of the Client and accounting standards. Reporting is prepared and submitted on time.


  • Concentration of resources and costs reduction;
  • High level of control and risk reduction;
  • Reduction of costs (time and resources);
  • Shared responsibility.